What do techies and carpet stores have in common?

Technology people, also known as techies, are often accused of using too many TLAs. Oh sorry, that’s Three Letter Acronyms. But to be fair, techies love using acronyms with more than 3 letters just as often. We just assume the whole world knows what the difference is between a DVD and a DVR. Or what DSL, RSS and DLP stand for.

But it doesn’t just stop at acronyms. We love to abbreviate too. Like Wi-Fi, high-def and blog.

Well, I’m here to tell you not to blame the techies. We’re all guilty of assuming that everyone knows our lingo. Like the carpet store I drove by the other day that had a sign outside that read, “FREE GAS CARD WITH ALLOC”. Now, I’m all for a free gas card but I have absolutely no idea what “alloc” means. Allocation? All OC? Somebody help me out here!

So the next time your neighborhood techie tells you that you should hook up your Blu-ray to your high-def LCD using HDMI, tell him that you’ll get right on that as soon as you use your free gas card to get a new alloc.