What does Mr. Noobie think of Windows 7?

I’ve followed all of the hype surrounding Microsoft’s release of Windows 7. I’ve seen the commercials. I’ve read the technology trade articles. I’ve talked to friends who installed the beta and pre-release versions.

But do you want to know something ironic?

Until yesterday, I had never actually played with a computer with Windows 7 installed. Mainly because I have spent so much time helping others with their computers that I haven’t taken care of my own. So I still chug away day after day with Windows XP (yes, I do have a laptop with Vista but only because I have to).

So what made yesterday so special? Well, I got to unbox a brand new laptop for one of my clients. And there it was in all it’s glory… Windows 7.

Ya know what? Big deal.

Yes, you heard me right. Big deal. The thing looked exactly like Windows Vista to me. In fact, I could barely tell the difference. Now before all of my techie friends jump down my throat, I am well aware of the new features in Windows 7. And no, I didn’t get to sit at my clients house on their dime and explore all of these new features.

Windows 7 Snap Feature

I guess what I’m saying is I felt a bit of a letdown. Maybe this is because Microsoft didn’t dare make too many graphical changes in Windows 7 for fear of what the Internet community and the media would do to them if they did. But give me something flashy. Give me something to ooh and ahh over. Give me a reason to pay the extra money to upgrade or buy a new computer with Windows 7 pre-installed. And no the new snap feature doesn’t count.

Am I alone on this? Is everyone else wow’d by Windows 7? Have I not taken enough time to explore all of the new features? Leave a comment below and let me know.