Why I went back to DIRECTV

Long-time followers of my blog know that I dumped DIRECTV 18 months ago in favor of over-the-air antenna-only programming. It started as an experiment but quickly became a permanent solution for me.

I say permanent but I really mean permanent for 18 months. Because today DIRECTV is coming to my house to reconnect my satellite service.


The reason I went back can be summed up in word… sports.

It’s not that there wasn’t sports on the over-the-air local channels I received. It’s more that I didn’t grow up in Indiana. I grew up in Wisconsin. And all of the years I had DIRECTV before switching to antenna, I could watch my college team’s basketball and football games on pay-per-view or the Big Ten Network and the Green Bay Packers games on the DIRECTV-exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket.

Not just Badgers and Packers

And to be honest, it’s more than just my favorite teams. I grew tired of missing “the big game” on ESPN Monday Night Football too.

I thought I could get by without watching these but I can’t. So back to DIRECTV I go.

Something tells me this new experience is going to lead to several new blog posts. Stay tuned.