WinX MediaTrans: Transfer photos from your iPhone or iPad to your computer with ease

WinX MediaTrans

There are a dozen different ways to transfer your photos from your iPhone or iPad to your computer but none of them may be as easy and as flexible as using the WinX MediaTrans software from Digiarty.

Yes, you could use a cloud-based service like iCloud or Dropbox to do the same thing but, from my experience with my clients, people either don’t understand how to use these services or they quickly run up against their free storage limits.

With WinX MediaTrans, you run the software on your computer like any other program. When the software first loads, it asks you to plug in your iPhone or iPad to your computer via its USB cable. Once the software recognizes your device, you’re in business.

WinX MediaTrans main screen

Pick and choose photos

There are a couple of specific things I like about the WinX MediaTrans software. One is that it is not an all-or-nothing approach. You can pick and choose which photos you want transferred to your computer. Of course, an option exists to transfer all of your photos with one click if you still want to do that.

Another thing I like is that you can double-click on any photo to view a larger version of it to help you decide if you have the right photo or if it is really a photo you want to transfer to your computer.

To transfer your photos to your computer, you simply select which photos you want transferred and click the Export button. Within a few seconds (or minutes depending on how many photos you are transferring), your photos will appear in a MediaTrans folder within your Pictures folder on your computer.

WinX MediaTrans photo transfer

WinX MediaTrans is also a music manager

If you like listening to music on your iPad or iPhone, WinX MediaTrans makes this easy too. You can import/export music, create or modify playlists, and even edit artist and album info right from the software. If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to not have to do this in iTunes, you just found it.

WinX MediaTrans music manager

Import/export videos

Have a favorite video you want on your iPhone or iPad? You can use WinX MediaTrans to do the job. It will even reduce the file size on larger videos for you to save space on your iPhone or iPad.

Or use the software to transfer that great video you shot on your iPhone over to your computer. Transferring video is as simple as transferring a photo.

WinX MediaTrans video

Use your iPhone or iPad as a storage device

You may not know it, but your iPhone or iPad can also be used as a storage device, just like a USB thumb stick. Most people just don’t know how to use the storage space. But with WinX MediaTrans, you can easily transfer files to/from your iPhone or iPad with a few clicks of the mouse.

WinX MediaTrans flash drive

Mac version available too

If you’re a Mac user, don’t worry, there’s a Mac version of the software available too. It’s called MacX MediaTrans and it does everything the Windows version does.

Free trial download

If you are the type who like to kick the tires before buying, Digiarty offers free trials of both the WinX MediaTrans and MacX MediaTrans software.

Note: The WinX MediaTrans software mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here for more information on WinX MediaTrans.