Watching sports is better with the X1 Sports app, plus free Colts player posters!

Man and woman watching football

This post is sponsored by Xfinity. All opinions expressed are my own.

I love watching sports on television. Some sports like football and basketball, I watch all season long. Others like baseball and soccer, I tune into later in the season when teams start to make their run for the championship.

But no matter what sport I’m watching, you can bet I’m using the Xfinity X1 Sports app to enhance my sports-viewing experience. If you’re an Xfinity subscriber who is not familiar with the X1 Sports App, grab your X1 remote and follow along. I promise you’ll enjoy watching sports more when we’re through.

What you can do with the X1 Sports app

First things first – how to launch the X1 Sports App. This one is easy. Press the “C” button on your X1 Voice Remote or say “X1 Sports App” to launch the app. This will launch the app on the right-hand side of the screen and shrink the live television picture down to make sure nothing gets cut off when viewing the sports app. You can use the X1 Sports App to view statistics of the game you are watching or just to keep an eye on while you’re watching another game or your favorite movie.

Choose your sport. The X1 Sports App has tabs across the top for your favorite sports including football (college and professional), baseball, basketball (college and professional), hockey, golf, soccer and auto racing. Using the arrow keys on your X1 remote, you can navigate between these tabs to see current and upcoming games for each sport.

Watch or record. When you find a game you are interested in, you can select the “Watch” option to automatically tune to the correct channel to watch the game. If the game isn’t on yet, you can select the “Record” option to record the game and watch it later.

Tag your favorite teams. While viewing a current or upcoming game, you can choose to mark one of the teams as your favorite. This gives you several benefits including automatically recording any upcoming games from your favorite team or giving you notifications when games from your favorite team are about to begin. You can also set your favorites from the X1 Sports App “Settings” tab or through the main Xfinity settings.

Statistics, statistics and more statistics. If you are a statistics junkie, you are going to love the X1 Sports App. Once you select a game within the app, you can view a wide variety of statistics including a team’s winning percentage, win/loss record and win/loss streak. You can also drill down into individual team and player statistics like rushing or passing attempts and yards for a football game.

You can also see who the team leaders are, view the team rosters and watch on-demand television and video related to the teams.

In a hurry to find a game? In a pinch to dive right into a live game? Use the X1 remote’s voice search and speak the name of the team you want to watch. Your X1 will jump directly to the live game in progress.

Free limited-edition Colts player posters!

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