You’ll never guess where my son’s missing iPod touch showed up

I’ve always taught my sons to treat their electronics with care and respect. In the rare instances when they don’t, they get them taken away.

Which is why I was completely bent out of shape last November when my son told me he couldn’t find his iPod touch. When I asked him how long it had been missing he guessed “a couple of days.”

Well a couple of days was long enough for the battery to completely drain and make any attempts at using the Find my iPod feature futile. And his search efforts around the house came up equally empty.

Lost or taken away?

That’s when the whole family got involved, searching every nook and cranny in the house. Still nothing. It even got to the point where my wife and I began to wonder if we had taken our son’s iPod away from him and hid it in that one place he’ll never find—which of course doubles as the place we’ll never remember.

After a few weeks, we all gave up. My son never complained and never asked for a replacement iPod touch and I commend him for that. He took the blame for losing it despite us all resigning we would never find out what happened to it.

Then a few days ago my wife decided to steam clean the carpets and tilted up our sofa to get underneath it. Guess what she saw?

iPod touch in the couch

Looks like I have a new place to look next time we lose something in our house.