7 great Valentine’s gifts for the techie in your life

Chocolates, flowers, jewelry. Sure, they’re nice. But what the techie in your life really wants for Valentine’s Day is something from the list below.

1. Xbox 360 / Sony PS3 / Nintendo Wii. You can’t really go wrong here. All 3 of the games systems are fun to play. If your techie is a true “gamer” go with the Xbox 360 or the Sony PS3. If you want the whole family to play, go with the Nintendo Wii. Already have an Xbox 360 or Sony PS3? Add on the Kinect or PlayStation Move for Wii-like fun.

2. Netflix subscription. Perfect for the movie buff in your life and ridiculously easy to buy. Start with something simple like the 1 or 2 out at-a-time Netflix subscription or go with the new streaming only plan. What do you need to view the streaming movies on your television? Several Blu-ray players and games systems have it built-in but if not, you can always couple your Netflix subscription gift with a Roku XD Streaming Player.

3. Kindle. Look around. Everyone seems to have a Kindle these days. And why not? It can hold up to 3,500 books and weighs less than a paperback. If your techie loves books, he or she will love a Kindle.

4. Audible.com subscription. Reading not your techie’s thing? How about listening to books instead? An Audible.com subscription is perfect for the techie with a long commute.

5. iPod Touch. Not ready to step up to the pricier tablet computers? The iPod Touch is still a perfect middle ground for people who want 90% of the iPhone features minus the expensive data and cellular plans.

6. Any recent DVD. Surely the techie in your life has a favorite movie he or she has seen recently, right? And odds are, it’s on Amazon’s list of best selling DVDs. Point, click, done.

7. Harmony One remote control. You have a remote control for the tv. One for the cable box or satellite receiver. One for the DVD player. One for the audio/video receiver. You get the idea. It creates clutter on your coffee table. The solution? The Harmony One remote control. Programmable on your PC and babysitter-proof, it’s the be all and end all to remote control clutter.