aLLreLi M515BU gaming mouse review: When a standard mouse won’t do the trick

aLLreLi M515BU 4000 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse

For most people, the mouse they use with their computer is a relatively simple device. You slide it around to move a cursor on your screen and, every once in a while, you click the left or the right mouse button. Intermediate users will go a step further and use the scroll wheel (mouse wheel) on top of the mouse to scroll up a down a page or to scroll through a list of choices.

But then there’s the group of people who need their mouse to do a lot more than what I just described. 99.9% of the time, these are the gamers of the world—the people like my teenage boys who play Minecraft and Terraria. These are the ones who need a dedicated gaming mouse.

aLLreLi M515BU 4000 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse

The aLLreLi M515BU 4000 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse is, as you can probably tell by its name, a gaming mouse. What does this mean? It means it has more than just a left and right mouse button. In fact, it has six buttons and all of them are programmable via a supporting piece of software.

Think of these mouse buttons like a macro. You can have them perform a series of keyboard actions when you press them or you can have them launch an application on your computer. My son uses them to perform specific actions in Minecraft and Terraria. He also uses them to launch his music player, Spotify and to play and pause his music.

Comfortable and precise

The aLLreLi M515BU 4000 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse feels good in your hand and functions like a quality input device. It comes with a nylon braided cable which means your mouse cable won’t easily pinch or break. It may surprise some of you that a mouse like this has a cable when wireless is all the craze but gamers know that, with a wired mouse, there’s no risk of latency in their games and in the gaming world, micro-seconds can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

It’s also very precise, another very important feature to the computer gamers of the world. That’s the “4000 DPI” part of the name.


My son, who is really the true reviewer of this gaming mouse, told me he also liked the fact that you could set up different profiles with the mouse. In other words, he could have the six buttons do one set of action for one game and another set of actions for another game.

Lighting effects

To add some flare to the look of the mouse, the aLLreLi M515BU 4000 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse is accented by LED lights which can be programmed to be lit continuously or to fade in and out as a sort of “breathing” effect. This was my son’s only complaint about this mouse. Despite every setting my son tried, he was unable to figure out how to get the lights to work.

aLLreLi M515BU colors

Who should buy this gaming mouse?

As you probably figured out already, the aLLreLi M515BU 4000 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse is a bit of overkill for the everyday computer user who looks at Facebook and types letters in Microsoft Word. But for the true gamers out there, it’s well worth checking out.

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