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Does your smartphone already have the best Android apps from the Google Play Store? In choosing apps, it’s ideal to pick ones that will be useful to you so you don’t end up wasting precious space on your phone’s memory. Keep reading for our list of the most useful Android apps to download on your smartphone now!

Best Android Apps: What to Download on Your Smartphone



woman wearing headphones | The Best Android Apps | How To Use Them | most useful Android apps | must-have Android app

1. Netflix

Netflix is the leading subscription service for TV series and movies and is one of the best Android apps for video streaming. Binge watch your favorite series or catch up on movies you didn’t get to watch in cinemas, even while you’re on-the-go! You’ll surely find something to keep you entertained for hours with Netflix’s vast collection. You can even download some of them so you can watch them without an Internet connection.

2. Pocket Casts

One of the worst things about driving in a traffic jam is having to deal with boredom. Good thing Pocket Casts can save you from that slump! The app allows you to download both audio and video podcasts so you can listen to just about everything wherever you are. It also comes with a sign-in feature that allows you to sync your saved podcasts across all your devices.

3. HBO Go

Big fan of HBO? Too bad you can’t drag your TV around. However, with HBO Go, you can watch your favorite shows from your devices at the same time they air on the network. You even get access to new content, like movies, news, and comedy specials every week.

4. Google Podcasts

Podcast fans have been waiting for Google to launch their own podcast app, and this year, they finally did! Google Podcasts allows you to listen and subscribe to podcasts for free.

5. Spotify

Spotify is arguably the most-recognized music streaming app out there. With a free account, you can already access its vast music library, but going premium will remove the ads so nothing can interrupt you from enjoying your favorite tunes. A premium account will also get you unlimited skips so you can immediately listen to the song you want, and allow you to download the songs for offline listening.


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6. Evernote

Ever get a great idea and have no pen and paper around? Evernote can take care of that! This app doesn’t just allow you to take notes, it’s pretty much a planner and organizer as well. You can create checklists, reminders, and organize notes into “notebooks”, and have them available across your gadgets. You can also choose to share your notes through various platforms.

7. TickTick

TickTick combines a to-do list and day planner in one nifty app. Its intuitive design helps you get through the day and manage everything on your to-do list. You can even share your list with workmates or friends for better collaboration and to keep everyone in sync.

8. BFT – Bear Focus Timer

A lot of apps use the Pomodoro technique to increase a person’s productivity. Tom the bear, however, does it in the cutest way possible. Bear Focus Timer isn’t your ordinary Pomodoro timer, it also keeps you from using your phone and can provide white noise effects when you are supposed to be working. Now, that’s making sure you are definitely being productive!

9. CloudCal

Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, Phone Calendar — tired of having to deal with just too many calendarsThen CloudCal is a must-have Android app on your smartphone. It not only lets you see what’s going on in your schedule for the month at a glimpse, it also stays in sync with your other productivity and scheduling apps, such as Trello, Evernote, Meetup, and Eventbrite.

10. Google Assistant

If you own an Android device and you’re getting a bit jealous of iOS’ assistant, Siri, don’t worry because Google offers a similar feature you can get for your phone. Google Assistant can help you with your day-to-day tasks. You can ask the virtual assistant to send messages, make calls, and even ask for news and traffic updates.


man holding smart phone | The Best Android Apps | How To Use Them | most useful Android apps | must-have Android app

11. Google Maps

Never worry about getting lost again! Google Maps is one of the best navigation apps out there. If you don’t exactly get along well with maps and still find it hard to navigate, you can switch to Street View which is more visual and will help you find your way by looking at familiar landmarks.

12. Foursquare

Love exploring but don’t want to waste your time on restaurants or places that aren’t worth it? Download Foursquare and spend your time at places that really matter! This app allows you to read reviews and check photos from other people who have already been to the places you’re interested in. You can also use the app to check out notable places to visit in a certain area or city since it compiles reviews based on location.

13. Skyscanner

One of the best Android apps to download if you’re looking for the best travel deals is the Skyscanner app, which is perfect for travel junkies. It compares prices for different airlines and gives you the best options. The app also allows users to search for the best deals for flights, accommodations, and car rentals, and compare them with other offers.

14. Beelinguapp

One of the most difficult things about traveling is not sharing the same language with the locals in your destination. Prepare for the inevitable language barrier by using the Beelinguapp at least a few weeks before your departure. The app allows you to learn another language by reading a text in your language side-by-side with a different one. A few weeks of reading and you can be familiar enough to communicate with others using a foreign language.

15. Hopper

Here’s another app serial travelers will love. If you’re looking to fly to a certain destination and can’t wait to buy your plane tickets, don’t do it until you’ve tried this app. Download the Hopper app and it will tell you when you’re supposed to book those plane tickets to get the best deal. It predicts the best time you can score the cheapest flights and notify you of price drops for flights you’ve been watching.

Photography and Design

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16. VSCO Camera

VSCO Camera allows you to turn your dull mobile-shot pictures into a creative piece of photography. The app is equipped with film-inspired filters and other superior mobile presets that can give life to any shot and make good photos even better. You can even share and view pictures from other camera enthusiasts worldwide.

17. Adobe Spark Post

Even if you’re not a professional graphic designer, Adobe Spark Post can help you create impressive designs. Its impressive library of text, templates, and themes can help you create amazing visuals for design projects to promote your brand. You can even browse through the Inspiration Gallery to see creations from other users.


SKRWT was named one of the best apps of the App store in 2014, but you can also get it on your Android device. The app has extensive tools to make your shots even better. It has all-purpose lens correction, full auto-cropping, and perspective correction.


If you want an Instagram feed filled with unique shots rather than the usual stuff that shows up on your feed, then you better try OKDOTHIS. The app stretches your imagination by giving a suggestion of what kind of photographs to take. You simply have to pick a ‘DO’ and then use your mobile camera to take the picture.

20. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

This free and useful app lets you enhance your everyday shots and make them look stunning. You can edit, organize, and even share your photos through the app. Lightroom may be a free app, but it certainly packs a lot of stuff to let you edit your photos in more advanced ways compared to other apps.



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21. Driving Detective

Are you constantly distracted by your smartphone even when you’re driving? Then you better install Driving Detective, stat! The app automatically puts your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ or silent mode once it detects you’re in a moving vehicle. Normal mode is restored once the vehicle stops or you exit the car.

22. Headspace

Are you getting overwhelmed with your everyday tasks? Do you want to meditate but don’t know where to start? Well, the Headspace app is one of the best android apps to solve that! You can choose the type of meditation you want and set it to a convenient duration for you. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes a day, you will find that forming the habit of meditation can help you focus in the long run.

23. LastPass Password Manager

Too many accounts and having difficulty keeping track of your passwords for them? LastPass Password Manager is the answer to that. It’s like locking all your passwords in a secure vault so you don’t have to recall them every time you log in. Now the only password you have to remember is for your LastPass account!

24. Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

Tracking your finances is a big responsibility and it’s important not to skip it. Good thing the Mint app makes this task more bearable. The app puts together your credit card, bank accounts, bills, spendings, and even investments so you can see where you stand financially at a glance.

25. Shleep

Sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body, and the quality of sleep is important for good health. If you feel tired even after hours of sleep or find yourself having trouble sleeping, the Shleep app is a good app to install on your smart device. Shleep is a sleeping coach that will give you tips on how to have to better sleep.


For more of the best Android apps to install in your smartphone, check out this video from Explore Gadgets:

The Google Play Store is a vast library of applications filled with the best Android apps — whether for entertainment, productivity, or anything in between. It’s important to know which apps are useful or right for you so you don’t end up wasting space in your phone. So if you install an app you’re bored of or don’t need anymore, you should uninstall it to save space for other more important things.

What’s your favorite Android app? What other apps should we include on our list of best Android apps? Let us know in the comments section!

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