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Family Watchdog gives you a way to look after your family and keep them from harm, enabling users to search for registered sex offenders in a particular area. Learn more about this website and how you can utilize it in safeguarding your family in this post.

Family Watchdog | Safeguarding Your Family Through Tech


What is Family Watchdog?
With the statistics of sexual assault on the rise, it’s best to take extra measures to keep your family safe. This is exactly what this website is offering. Family Watchdog offers a free service that gives you information about registered sex offenders near you. It generates its data from various state sex offender registries. Here are some of its features:

  • Search for the sex offenders near you through the Family Watchdog Map – it collates a map of predators, their addresses, photos, distance from you, and current location. You can even get to know the details of their conviction for a small fee
  • Get notified – once registered, you can request notifications via email or text (and soon via voicemail) of the whereabouts and movements of sex offenders near you
  • Safety tips – the website also offers updates on other types of information parents need to watch out for, such as product recalls

How to Use Family Watchdog
To use Family Watchdog, all you have to do is to enter your address, city/state, or zip code on the home page. Letting the site know your location allows it to put together its list of sex offenders near you. From here, it not only locates the offenders but color codes them according to specifications of their offense/s, too. This is represented by colored pins. For that feature, you can know certain details such as the sex offender’s name, photo, date of birth. Here’s the color legend to help you understand what the pins mean:

  • Red: Sexual offense against a child
  • Yellow: Rape
  • Blue: Sexual offense
  • Green: Other/s

Additionally, you can even search your child’s school or daycare, which will be very useful especially if your household has small children. From this information, the site can also generate a list of registered sexual predators in the proximity. Another feature allows users to input the name and state of a suspected sex offender. The site will confirm this based on state sex offender registries.

Aside from giving you updates about the sex offenders who live near you, you can also sign up to get notified when a registered offender moves near your area. You can even ask to be updated on specific registered offenders through their names.

Find out more about Family Watchdog in this video from CaliforniaLifeHD:

Awareness, being the first line of defense from harm, allows you to protect your family, especially your kids. Family Watchdog gives you the opportunity to strategically choose where to live, work, or even where your children will study. Remember though, this is just a preventive measure. It is still up to you to decide on the best way to protect your family. But, it’s certainly reassuring that technology can now provide us with all the help we can get when it comes to keeping our family safe.

Have you used any online services similar to Family Watchdog? Share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

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