It was only a matter of time before spam found me again

People complain about spam all of the time. But not me. Between Gmail and Google Apps I get very little spam. And the spam that I do get is nicely tucked away in a special spam folder that I need only check about once per week.

But guess what showed up on my mobile phone today?

Cash in your hand! Get $1500 wired to your Bank! Faster, Cheaper – Go to: Promo Code: ***** Quit? reply STOP


Now I’m not sure if the “reply STOP” directive in this text message is legit or just another way to tell the spammers “Hey, we got an active one here!” but I did it anyway, more as a service to my readers so I can address this same issue when it is asked of me down the road.

As of now, I don’t know any other way to stop text spam. Anyone out there know the answer? Please share in the comments below.