Noobie Inc. Replaces Web Site with Upgraded Version

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Noobie, Inc., Indy’s go-to source for technology education, has launched their new and improved website, still at Noobie Inc. offers reliable and objective information regarding a wide range of technology. The new site offers solutions for everyone from tech novices to individuals hoping to expand their expertise.

The new site features an intelligent user interface, neatly organizing information by technology type with useful “help boxes” dispersed throughout the site. Users can access articles, videos, blog conversations and definitions for everyday electronics, such as cell phones and digital cameras. They will also find practical suggestions on how to get the most from home and office computer applications. And finally, a glossary for technological jargon, so even the novice can speak like a pro.

“Our goal is to make technology accessible to everyone,” said Noobie, Inc. founder Patric Welch, also known as “Mr. Noobie”. “The new site offers visitors a comfortable, non-threatening experience, where they can learn about new products, how they work, the benefits of use and specific features and components.”

Features on the website include:

  • Audio clips, such as the weekly Mr. Noobie podcast.
  • Tip of the day
  • Full listing of Noobie courses and events to learn new-to-you technology
  • Video screencasts demonstrating how to do simple computer tasks
  • Mr. Noobie’s rants, raves, and reviews on the What’s Noo? Blog
  • Course and event listings

About Noobie, Inc.: Noobie, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Patric Welch to aid in day to day technological issues. They specialize in educating and coaching people inexperienced in technology use, or “noobies”, through informative articles, continuing education classes and hands-on consulting. The company works with all types of electronics from DVD players to up-to-the-minute technologies. Their services are geared toward all people no matter what technological difficulties they may have. The goal of the company is to help others choose and use technology to enhance their work and lives.

Noobie, Inc also offers 1-on-1 technology coaching sessions designed to help users quickly get up to speed on specific technology and business technology consulting designed to help businesses improve they way they work with technology in and out of the office.

Official contact information can be found at: