Now you can ask Mr. Noobie anything! Well, almost anything

I try to cover as many diverse technology topics on the Noobie web site as I can. But covering every topic is nearly impossible. Check that, it is impossible.

But I am always willing to tackle a question that I have not previously covered on the web site. Which is why I have created a simple Ask Mr. Noobie form on the Noobie web site.

Ask Mr. Noobie

Please feel free to use this to ask me any question you want. Well, almost any question. As much as I would like to tell you what my favorite color is (red), what my dog’s name is (Lambeau) or where the last place I vacationed is (Ireland), please try to keep the questions technology related.

When I answer questions submitted via the new form, I will post them here on my blog as well as in the weekly email sent out every Tuesday.

Thinking of a question right now? Ask away!