Techie Christmas Gift Guide: Top Budget Tablets for the Upcoming Holidays

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Christmas is just around the corner, and many are already thinking of a great gift they can give to their special someone on this special occasion. There are various gifts that you can possibly give to them, yet the safest item you can provide them (which you are sure they’ll love) is a mobile device specifically a tablet which is now being used for educational and business-related activities. However, we don’t want you using up all your savings this holiday season, so we’ve come up with a list of budget-friendly tablets you can consider for your Christmas gift list. These tech items may not be included in the perfect stocking stuffers list we’ve created, but these tablets still have loads of features which they can take advantage of.

Tesco Hudl 2

Tesco Hudl 2 may not be your mainstream device, but it’s one of the highly suggested family tablets out there. If you’re looking for a device that you can share with the kids, this is it. This Android tablet is meant for children as it is mostly made to entertain them with the various educational applications you can download. In addition, parents won’t have to worry as it delivers the best parental controls such as automatic shut off of the device when it’s past their bedtime.

But, do not think once that this tablet is inferior in terms of features as it comes with an 8.3-inch Full HD display, solid build quality, and running the Android 4.4 KitKat. It also comes in eight playful colors – black, white, red, purple, light blue, dark blue, orange, and pink. It may not have those cutting edge specs, but it does provide a solid all-round experience and a cheap price at $206 (£129).

Asus MeMO Pad 7

Asus finally had a game changer on their hands. Even though they are the ones who created the Nexus 7 for Google, they have rolled out their own line of promising tablets, such as the budget-friendly MeMO Pad 7.It is packed with reliable features that suits every user’s general needs. Engadget gave it a 7.6/10 critics review rate with more focus on its battery life, display, and ease of use.

We commend the device for its light and compact design that is enough to comfortably carry with you at all times (189.3 x 113.7 x 9.6 mm with a weight of 295 grams. The display may not be that sharp with ~216 ppi pixel density, but it still is a pleasure to use in surfing the net or watching a video on YouTube.

It may not be outstandingly good in terms of overall specifications as Hudl 2, yet it perfectly fits our budget range and is very capable to run great apps. The MeMO Pad 7 price starts at $149 for a 16GB model.

Alcatel Pop 7S

We all know that there are only a few tablets that are capable of texting and calling, and this Alcatel Pop 7S is one of them.

For first time tablet buyers dipping their toes into the market, this is a very credible option. Packing a 5-inch Quad HD IPS screen, quad core processor, and a dual camera to boot, this Android tablet is certainly something to take a look at. What’s exceptional about this device is that you can connect it on your TV via HDMI port and see the contents straight from your tablet. With all those capabilities, you can get this device at a price tag of $149.

Google Nexus 7

There is no better alternative in the market that has an outstanding value as this Nexus 7. This gorgeous tablet looks like a premium device boasting a 7-inch Full HD screen, making it ideal for your entertainment pleasures—movies, web browsing, mobile games. This device simply got you all covered and it will definitely make you feel like you’re using high-end branded devices that will cost you more than your salary can afford.
Surprisingly, it is now available for $159 with free shipping at the Amazon store, which is a $140 discount from its original price of $299.

We hope our list can ease your holiday woes. If you want to have a device that’s cheaper than a laptop, then these tablets are the best gifts to give to your loved one this upcoming Christmas season.

Written by Jenni. Exclusively for Noobie. For writing collaborations, contact jenni at [email protected].