What Are iTunes Gift Cards Used For?

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An Apple iTunes gift card is one of the best e-gift cards for your loved ones and even for yourself. It is affordable and a great zero-waste gift. It’s also easy to buy an iTunes gift card and share it with friends and family. Get more ideas about iTunes gift cards in this blog post.

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iTunes Gift Cards | What Are They, and How Do You Use Them?

What Are iTunes Gift Cards?

Question: What is an iTunes gift card, what is it used for? – Marlene P. from Jacksonville, Texas

Answer: Apple designed the electronic iTunes gift card as a way to buy music from its music store called the iTunes Store. You can play these purchased songs on your computer by downloading the iTunes software or you can listen to them on a mobile device. A long time ago, the only iOS device that could run music was the iPod. Later on, the iPhone and iPad were created, giving users other device options to listen to the songs they purchased.

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How to Use an iTunes Gift Card

You need an iTunes gift card if you want to gift music to someone, including yourself, without using a credit card. All you need to do is to make sure you have enough credit in your iTunes account.

You can learn how to buy the gift card here, then give it to your friends and family. To redeem the iTunes gift card, you need to have the gift code. This iTunes code is on the back of the card. They are a unique 16-character sequence of numbers and letters. Note, though, these gift card codes may be someplace else when they are for promotional content.

You or the recipient can use the card’s value in their iTunes account to purchase music using their new credit.

Using the iTunes Gift Card on the App Store

As you know by now, Apple has grown a lot over the years. Today, there’s even an App Store full of programs to purchase. It also introduced new devices that can play music. These include the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Users can now spend their hard-earned money not only on music but also on apps.

Before, if somebody wanted to buy music, they went to the iTunes Store. If they preferred apps, they ended up in the App Store.

Apple allows you to use the iTunes gift card balance on both the iTunes Store and the App Store. In fact, in 2018, they upgraded the name of the gift card store to “App Store & iTunes.” You and your loved ones can now purchase both music and apps (as well as in-app purchases). You can even buy movies, television shows, and ringtones. These are all part of the iTunes Store.

Since iTunes and the App Store are now in one convenient digital location, the only thing you need to remember  is that you can buy all the digital goodness mentioned above with an iTunes gift card.

Learn how to avoid gift card scam in this video from ABC15 Arizona:

We hope this guide has been helpful in helping you figure out what an Apple iTunes gift card is and how you can treat yourself, or your loved ones, with it. This handy gift card gives them access to hundreds of apps, games, music, and movies for their Apple device. In today’s gadget-dominated world, this gift will truly be appreciated.

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