Why I’ve Decided to Give Best Buy a Second Chance

Best Buy storefront

I’ve been pretty tough on Best Buy in the past. Mostly because of pushy employees trying to sell me things that I did’t want or need or prices that were grossly higher than what I could get online at Amazon. But two recent visits to Best Buy have swayed my opinion back in the positive direction.

First visit

The first visit was in Madison, Wisconsin. I was helping my parents pick out some new flat screen televisions for their home. I really didn’t want to go to Best Buy but my parents had two Best Buy gift cards that they wanted to use. So off to Best Buy we went.

While browsing televisions, several Best Buy employees approached me asking if I needed help. They were polite and helpful. Not pushy in any way. And at no time did I feel they were trying to direct me to a certain brand or towards a higher-end product to meet some sales incentive.

When it came time to checkout, the person ringing up the purchases only asked one time if we wanted an extended warranty. When we said no, that was the end of it.

As for the prices? I was very pleased and did not feel I was overcharged in any way.

Second visit

My second visit was back in my hometown in Greenwood, Indiana. I needed a computer for my wife and I needed it fast. I didn’t have time to wait for an online shipment. I figured this would be a good test to see if the good Best Buy experience I had in Wisconsin was limited to just that store so off I went again to Best Buy.

The experience was definitely not limited to just the Wisconsin store. The sales person was very helpful and again only offered one time to see if I wanted extended coverage on the computer I was purchasing. I didn’t have to go to any special checkout counter for computer purchases and I didn’t get asked if I wanted 4 or 5 things with the computer that I didn’t want or need.

Will there be a third visit?

Now, don’t read too far into what I am saying here. I’m not about to abandon Amazon as my go to store for purchases. I still hate having to get in the car, fight traffic and all around waste time that could be saved with a few clicks of the mouse at home. But when I want or need local service or when I need something immediately, I won’t hesitate to head over to Best Buy as long as my experiences there stay consistent with my last two visits.