Television and movies have the best darn technology

Technology in television and movies always cracks me up. No matter how advanced real-life technology gets, almost every television show or movie I watch makes it look like it is ten times better. So I present to you a list of things you can do with technology in television shows and movies that you can’t really do in real life:

  1. Type a seemingly random sequence of characters on the keyboard to pull up a traffic camera on whatever street the person standing next to the computer requests.
  2. Trace, recognize and destroy an incoming virus to a computer network in ten seconds or less.
  3. Send a complete profile of a wanted criminal to a field agent’s smart phone simply by pressing the Enter key and stating “I’m sending you his profile now.”
  4. Click the mouse button once to delete every file on a computer, complete with an overly dramatic progress bar that displays “DELETING ALL FILES ON COMPUTER.”
  5. Insert a DVD into a computer and instantly see a collage of images from the DVD appear on the screen one at a time, usually followed by a gasp indicating everything about some mystery is suddenly crystal clear.

Care to comment on any others?