Exploring 5 Top Gaming Apps for 2022

Top Gaming Apps

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Whether you use Google Play or the Apple App Store, one thing is clear- there are a whole lot of apps out there. With well over 2 million (and climbing) apps competing on the same platform, it’s a crowded market indeed. While many of these apps are focused on practical matters- think anything from business tools to mindfulness guides- a growing number of them are fun gaming apps. Today, we take a look at some of the favorites of 2022 across 5 popular genres.

Is Mobile Gaming Big?

Smartphone gaming is a booming area of the gaming industry, and more and more great games are joining the list daily. In fact, it’s become so big that competing apps have to focus quite heavily on their app store optimization for iOS and Android devices just to get noticed. We’ve even seen competitive eSports begin to eye the gaming arena! Additionally, there are a ton of new toys and gadgets out there you can use to make gaming on your phone easier and more comfortable.

So if you’ve been a little shy to start out in the mobile gaming arena, don’t be. There’s a ton of fun out there waiting for you to discover it, from eager app developers. Of course, today’s list is far from all that’s waiting for you. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile games across a ton of niches, so we’ve just lined up a few headliners to give you a sample. Whatever your preferred genre, you’re sure to find what you like with just a little exploration.

1. RPG: Raid Shadow Legends

Seasoned gamers have long been a little cynical about mobile RPGs. How do you bring all that power into something as tiny as a phone screen? Raid Shadow Legends manages to balance this quite well, and it has a huge following.

Additionally, you can play on both PC and mobile, and you can sync your accounts. So if you want to get into the game, you can level up champions as you wait for the bus, and then experience the full glory of their surprisingly sophisticated 3d graphics and on-screen pyrotechnics on your monitor at home, too.

2. Puzzles: Puzzles and Survival

Bring some apocalypse vibes to your puzzle fun with this surprisingly engaging tile-shuffler puzzle game. With a cute story to connect you, it feels a little more meaningful than the average puzzle game (though there are plenty of those out there too) and you’re sure to find yourself slapping brain munchers out of the apocalypse at every opportunity. It’s pretty similar to Puzzles and Dragons, allowing you to unlock characters and explore new territories as you level up.

3. Fantasy: Genshin Impact

This one is kind of a Zelda clone, we admit, but it’s a fun little anime fantasy world on your phone, so what’s not to love? It’s also free-to-play. If you’re more into city-building than RPG, you might prefer Elvenar, which has a similar fantasy feel.

4. Mystery: June’s Journey

Build a country estate, and solve a murder or two along the way. With notable Agatha Christie-like overtones, it’s a fun and surprisingly engaging take on the mystery game genre for mobile. 

5. Crosswords: Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

If you’d rather keep your mobile gaming super simple, try this fun twist on classic crosswords. With a slick interface and easy-to-use style, it’s a great one for long commutes on public transport, or just to keep your brain fresh and active. 

If you’re looking for some fun new mobile games to try, why not try these 5 stand-out apps?