VoucherBin: Today’s Voucher Bag



Way back, when we collected vouchers for savings on groceries, clothes, or even some beauty products, many of us had some sort of bag just for these vouchers. Some of us had multiple bags or pouches. Some used clear plastic bags and some used embellished and colorful ones. Some organized vouchers by category, some by store, and others may be by the expiry date.

Today, none of this is necessary. With the help of the internet, VoucherBin acts exactly like that bag, or bags, except it is better and more convenient in many ways, as well as being a time saver.

The Advantage of Technology and the Internet

One issue with the bag approach was that we, as voucher collectors, had to first receive or search and find that voucher. Another issue was organization and yet another was keeping track of the expiry dates. VoucherBin works for us because it brings all sorts of vouchers into one place, and allows voucher users to search by category.

The beauty of it is that there are plenty of categories, from Accessories, to Medical Supplies, to Webhosting. One can even find great vouchers on flights and hotels. By the same token, the site brings together vouchers from hundreds of stores and sites.

Heaven-Sent for Discount Seekers

Last checked, the site had over 19,000 vouchers. Imagine a bag with thousands of vouchers and with vouchers added on a daily basis. It is a heaven-sent for discount seekers because it brings all these vouchers into one place, online – Clothing, electronics, restaurants, cereals, ground coffee, and from so many stores in the United Kingdom and beyond.

In short, VoucherBin does the finding, the receiving, and the organizing for you. Simply, it is a collection of discount vouchers along with the promotional codes. The site also allows users to rate any voucher used on whether the discount code succeeded or not, so that other users can immediately decide whether it is safe to count on that voucher.

Hand-Picked Vouchers, User Comments, and Blogs

There are a couple of other features with this site. One highlights the day’s hand-picked vouchers, listing a few useful discounts. Another is relatively common and expected today, giving users the opportunity to make comments on any one voucher, and share a voucher through social media. There are also useful blogs on a range of subjects. Some recent topics covered fashion trends, organic restaurants, and historic attractions in the UK.

VoucherBin’s Simplicity Saves Time and Money

The site is a great, yet simple idea. It is beneficial to the consumer because it saves us money and time, bringing good discounts from popular stores into one spot. It has stayed true to its purpose in simply collecting vouchers and vouchers, and providing easy access to them, along with helpful feedback from other users, and some helpful tips from blogs.

Take a look at the site at voucherbin.co.uk. It is friendly to use. It simply lists vouchers with the expiry date, and provides simple and quick searching by category or by store.