You could win free gas for a year

Speedy Rewards gameSure, the headline is a little misleading. But it is relevant. Yesterday, when I filled up my car with gas at Speedway, a Speedy Rewards Instant Coupon spit out with my receipt. The top of the coupon read “YOU COULD WIN FREE GAS FOR A YEAR.”

If you have ever wondered why noobies are frustrated with and intimidated by technology, here’s why.

Follow along with me on the steps I had to take to see if I won free gas for a year:

1. Go to my computer, fire up my Internet browser and go to the Speedy Rewards web site.

2. Look for the place on the Speedy Rewards web site to enter the code given to me on my instant coupon. Not too hard to find, it’s at the top of the web page.

3. Read through eight paragraphs of text to figure out what I am supposed to do? Where is the big giant box to enter my code?

4. Realize, I have to login to the site to play.

5. Wonder if I already have a login and try what I think is my user name and password. Nope. No luck.

6. Get out my Speedy Rewards card and use it to create a new account.

7. After creating account, wait for registration confirmation email to show up in my inbox.

8. Click the link in the email to finally get to the spot on the Speedy Rewards web site to enter my code. YES! I see an “ENTER CODE HERE” box on the web page.

9. Enter my code and click the submit button.

10. Look around to find out where the revving motor engine sound is coming from. Oh wait, it’s coming from the web site. Game instructions appear on my screen along with a start button.

11. Out of pure curiosity, I click the start button and I am suddenly playing a racing game. I dodge cars and make stops at Speedway stations.

12. At the Speedway stations I have no idea what is happening but apparently my virtual race car gets fueled up. Apparently I am also supposed to sign up for a Chase MasterCard here.

13. There are two buttons that need to be clicked to resume play. I try clicking one of them but apparently you have to click them in order, so I do.

14. I’m off to the race track again, dodging more cars and making more stops at Speedway stations.

15. After repeating this a few times, the game ends for no apparent reason and then a screen finally appears telling me I did not win free gas for a year.

16. I notice text on the screen asking me if I want to play again. Are they kidding me?