Apple TV marries your iPod with your television

Apple TVA few years ago, when the iPod first became popular, I referred to it as a CD killer. What I meant was that with the ease of purchasing digital music, the iPod was giving me fewer and fewer reasons to purchase a traditional CD sold in a store.

Well, if that’s true, then Apple TV may be the first DVD killer.

Apple has already reported that millions of TV shows and full-length movies have been downloaded from its iTunes Store. The problem though with downloaded movies is that many people really don’t want to watch them on the tiny iPod screen or even on their computer for that matter
Enter Apple TV. A wireless set top device that connects directly to your television. Once set up properly, it will wirelessly synchronize itself with your iTunes library stored on your iPod or computer. This means that everything accessible on your iPod is now accessible on your television.

And once again, the interface is gorgeous. With Apple TV you just use your remote to select music, video, podcasts, even photo slideshows. all at the touch of a button.

No more searching for misplaced DVDs. No more walking up to the DVD player to switch discs. Apple TV makes all of your entertainment accessible digitally at the touch of a button.

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