It Doesn’t Matter How Many HDMI Inputs Your Television Has When You Don’t Know What HDMI Is

Television HDMI inputs

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A local electronics store in my hometown is running a commercial boasting that they carry the widest variety of HDMI high-definition televisions. In one particular statement, they say, “We have televisions with 1 HDMI input, 2 HDMI inputs, or even 3.”

While I applaud this company for carrying this broad of a selection, I can’t help but wonder how many noobies even know what HDMI is. And if by chance they do, how many know the importance or relevance of having 1, 2, or 3 HDMI inputs?

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A Better Approach

It seems to me the advertisement would be better suited by telling people, “Come on in and we’ll explain to you what HDMI is and why it may or may not be important for you.” Something tells me that advertisement will never see the airwaves.

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What HDMI Means

I wish I could explain here what HDMI means and why it is important or relevant but this blog is not the right place to do that. Instead, I encourage my readers to check out Noobie’s Are You Ready for the Transition to High Definition Television? class or to stay tuned for upcoming announcements from Noobie on other ways to get educated about digital television and high-definition multimedia interfaces. Oops, I just told you what HDMI stands for. I guess you can have that one for free (wink).