Plumber puts technology skills to the test

Being a techie isn’t always all roses. Like today when my techie skills were put to the test… by my plumber.

I could write an entire post on the reason I had a plumber at my house but since it isn’t even in the slightest bit related to technology let’s just leave it at the fact that I hired a plumber to look at some questionable plumbing in my house.

It didn’t take long for the plumber to determine that my plumbing was bad. Really bad. So bad in fact that he asked me if I had a digital camera to snap a few photos for him to show to his boss.

The first thought that crossed my mind wasn’t whether or not I had a digital camera. It was how I was going to take pictures and hand the plumber prints all within a few minutes.

I actually started to sweat a little.

Never one to turn down a technical challenge

But like any good techie I dove right into the challenge. I grabbed my digital camera, took a half dozen shots and ran back into my home office. From there, I took the memory card out of the camera and inserted it into the card reader on my computer.

I quickly imported the pictures into Picasa, selected the best shots and used the built-in print capabilities of Picasa to send some beautiful color 4×6 shots to my color laser printer.

I must have done something right because the plumber complimented me, stating that most people struggle just trying to figure out how to take a picture on their cell phone.

I didn’t have the heart to tell the plumber I did this for a living. I guess it was enough for me to know that my plumber thinks I’m a technical genius.