Top 5G Phones to Expect in 2019

Feature | Top 5G Phones to Expect in 2019
Be on the lookout for these 9 super-fast 5G phones rolling out in the coming year!

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9 Super-Fast 5G Phones You Should Look Out for in 2019

5G Definition: The newest generation of mobile networks that promises faster speeds than its predecessor.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Series
Hints about the Galaxy S10 Series being 5G-ready surfaced during the earlier months of 2018. Samsung reportedly partnered with the mobile tech developer Qualcomm to create a new Snapdragon processor that supported 5G connectivity.

With a 5G phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10, you’ll experience incredibly fast upload and download speeds. You can uninterruptedly play AAA games and stream high-resolution videos right on your mobile phone.

Tech bloggers and experts believe that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series will be composed of three individual smartphones: S10 Lite, S10, and S10+. Specifically, the S10 is estimated to have a 19:9 aspect ration. This will make it taller than the currently available Galaxy S9.

Launch Date: February to March 2019

Price: Predicted to cost at least $799

2. Oppo 5G Phone

In January 2018, Oppo also finalized a deal with Qualcomm so they too can compete in the 5G phone race. Almost four months after sealing the deal, Oppo was successfully able to demonstrate a 3D video call on one of their own 5G-powered prototype phones.

The China-based tech company aims to make the 5G-enabled 3D video feature commercially available to the public as soon as possible. In fact, they’re confident they’ll be one of the first companies to release a line of their own 5G phones in as soon as 2019 kicks in.

Launch Date: March to April 2019

Price: As of writing, no news yet on the price of the Oppo Find X 5G

3. OnePlus 7 or 7T

Just after successfully releasing the 6 and 6T, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau already mentioned at the Mobile World Congress last June the company’s plans to get into the 5G phones race, too. The company also mentioned working with US mobile carriers so they can get their own line of 5G-enabled phones in the market by the year 2019.

Compared to other mobile phone companies, it’s predicted that OnePlus will be releasing their own 5G phones mid-2019. This is in line with the usual launch dates they set out for almost all of their new phone releases.

Launch Date: May to July 2019

Price: Predicted to cost at least $549

4. Honor 5G phone

You can definitely expect a 5G phone from the mobile tech company Honor in 2019. Honor CEO George Zhao came out and confirmed the news himself at the World INS Conference in September this year. He’s also confident that Honor will be one of the very first companies to release and commercially sell 5G-enabled smartphones in 2019.

So far, Honor hasn’t released any official statement regarding their plans on releasing a line of 5G phones. Then again, the company already confirmed its attendance in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. We hope to hear more from them about their 5G phones then.

Launch Date: February to March 2019

Price: As of writing, no news yet on the price of the Honor 5G phone

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5. Huawei P30 or Mate 30
When it comes to the Android market, Huawei is definitely Samsung’s top competition. Like Samsung, Huawei is also dipping its toes into the 5G phone market. Walter Ji, the President of Huawei’s Western European Consumer Business Group, confirmed that the company is already working on a 5G-enabled phone of its own.

According to Ji, Huawei’s 5G features will be built into either the upcoming P30 or the Mate series. The choice regarding which phone to put it on will depend on the chipsets developed for each one given that a 5G-enabled processor consumed a lot of power.

Launch Date: March 2019 (P30) or September to October 2019 (Mate 30)

Price: As of writing, no news yet on the price of the Huawei P30 or Mate 30

6. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Last October, Xiaomi confirmed they’d be releasing a 5G-enabled Mi Mix 3 in Europe this coming new year. The company’s expected to launch this 5G phone sometime during the first quarter of 2019.

As it is, the Mi Mix 3 is already a strong smartphone. It has a 6.4-inch display and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. It’s even powered by an octa-core processor with a minimum 6GB of RAM and 128GB expandable internal storage. In fact, you can have it shipped directly from China if you can’t wait to get your hands on one.

However, the 5G version will definitely be worth the wait. Even with the 5G feature, the Mi Mix 3 will still likely be sold at a mid-range price point. With that said, it’s best to wait as your patience will be rewarded.

Launch Date: January to March 2019

Price: Predicted to cost at least $474

7. Sony Xperia 5G Phone

Sony will also be launching their own 5G phone this coming 2019. Not much is known yet about the specs of the smartphone, but many tech bloggers believe that it’s Sony’s way of competing with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Aside from adding a 5G feature into their new smartphones, Sony aims to improve on the key things in their Xperia line that their loyal customers have grown to love. Specifically, the Japan-based tech company is also working on enhancing the camera, audio, and display features to complement the technology that comes with 5G connectivity.

Launch Date: February 2019

Price: As of writing, no news yet on the price of the Sony Xperia 5G Phone

8. HMD Global (Nokia) 5G Phone

HMD Global, the official licensee of the Nokia phone brand, already began investing in 5G technology since it opened its very own “Future Lab” in May of 2018. In fact, HMD Global is one of the 18 smartphone makers working with Qualcomm as they develop a 5G-ready phone processor.

Despite all this talk surrounding the company’s investment in 5G technology, HMD Global hasn’t officially confirmed that they’ll be releasing a 5G Nokia phone early into 2019. They’ll probably wait until later in the year so they can ensure the quality build of their 5G-enabled mobile device.

Launch Date: Late 2019

Price: As of writing, no news yet on the price of the Nokia 5G Phone

9. Vivo 5G Phone

Vivo is also gearing up to get into the 5G phones market. Like many of the smartphone companies on the list, Vivo is also currently working alongside Qualcomm, a major developer of 5G technology in the world.

As with HDM Global, Vivo hasn’t said anything official about releasing a 5G-ready phone in 2019. But then again, Vivo has already tested a version of their Vivo NEX smartphone that they fitted with one of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G processor. We may be seeing a Vivo 5G phone sooner than later.

Launch Date: Late 2019

Price: As of writing, no news yet on the price of the Vivo 5G Phone

Learn what is 5G technology in this video from CNBC International:

All the biggest names in the smartphone industry are gearing up for 2019 with their own versions of flagship 5G phones. If you’re looking for a smartphone that’ll allow you to connect and stream at high speeds, look no further than the 9 new 5G phones on this list. Make sure to do your own research, too, before you buy your own unit. This way, you’ll get the most out of your money, especially since some of these phones are quite pricey.

Do you have more questions about 5G phones release dates or anything about 5G in general? Ask them in the comments section below!

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