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Search engine optimization is an essential part of any business these days due to the extreme integration of the internet in everyday life. If you fail at SEO, you can almost guarantee you will fail at business.

This makes it imperative that you understand SEP practices, including trends in the industry. You want to stay ahead of your competitors and take advantage of the ever-changing rules of SEO.

For now, there are some top trends you need to keep in mind as you design your campaigns. Many of these trends are just a stepping stone to the future and what your customers will demand from your business soon, so now is the time to start putting them into your plans.

People are using voice assistants far more often in their daily lives. Forbes notes that when someone does a search using an assistant, they phrase their queries in a different manner than they phrase typed queries. You will need to keep this in mind with your optimization strategies.

People are also using mobile devices more often than ever before to access the internet and handle their daily needs. Your website and content you put out there need to match with Google’s mobile-first indexing. Speed is important. Your website must be responsive and easy for users on mobile devices to navigate. You may need to get help, such as from Firestarter SEO, for this since it is a little more technical than other aspects of SEO.

Firestarter SEO

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Focus on Users

SEO is moving towards being more focused on the user, according to the Search Engine Journal. BERT, which is Google’s new algorithm, looks for authenticity in content. To get a high ranking, you need to write your content to the user and not the search engine. High-quality content is the key to a high rating, so you have to find ways to optimize your content without affecting the readability.


The world is becoming more interconnected. You may find you have customers coming from all over the world, so you need to optimize for this diverse customer base. Meet the demands of a world market by creating content for the different countries and customer bases. Do not rely on translations that can ruin the impact of your message. Building trust with your customers on a global level needs to ensure that you provide accurate information tailored to them.

Local Searches

While it is important to play to the global market, you cannot forget about the local market. Google algorithms are beginning to give more weight to good reviews. If you can strengthen your presence not only online but also offline, then you can encourage good reviews. Use social media and other campaigns to help boost your reputation in your local community.

Getting other highly rated websites to link to yours has always been a popular SEO tactic because it works. However, trying to get those links is not easy. The newest trend is to make others want to link to you by creating amazing content. Make content that people want to read and will rush to read. Ensure it is high-quality as well to entice other websites to link to you instead of writing up their own piece.

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One last SEO trend is taking advantage of the Google Featured Snippet. How it works is that it takes the highest rated page and includes it as a direct answer in the search results to the searcher’s query. To make sure your website lands in this coveted spot, make sure your headlines match the exact questions that customers are most likely to ask. Then, write pages that will answer the question in long-form and not give everything way in the snippet. This will encourage them to click through so that they can get all the information they need. The key is finding a good balance between answering the questions enough to suit Google but leaving some mystery so people will need more information.

Trends in SEO are not something that works today and are gone tomorrow. They make a huge impact. The evolution of SEO builds upon previous ideas, so nailing today’s trends will simply prepare you even more for tackling tomorrow’s changes in SEO.